Load experimental grouping with R

EpiMed provides an API that allows programmatic access to available clinical data.

You can download an experimental grouping of one or several studies with a single command:


This command will generate an experimental grouping for requested GSE numbers in CSV format.

Additional parameters can also be downloaded as follows:


Using with R

This code can be directly integrated into your R script:

url = "http://epimed.univ-grenoble-alpes.fr/database/expgroup/GSE30219"
df = read.csv2(url, header=TRUE, sep=";", stringsAsFactors=FALSE, dec=".", na.strings="")
df$relapsed = as.logical(df$relapsed)
df$dead = as.logical(df$dead)


Download an experimental grouping for one study in CSV format:

Download additional parameters:

To download several studies, separate them by , or space :

EpiMed-specific studies can also be used: